By Lauren Elmore, Chief Executive Officer

Did you know that Firmatek is more than a stockpile measurement company? While we got our start in the late 80s pioneering the use of lasers to measure stockpiles, we have long provided services beyond stockpile measurement. It’s a fact – we do measure a lot of stockpiles. More than anyone else actually, as we serve 14 of the top 15 aggregate producers on a national scale. But you probably already know about our stockpile measurement services. It is what we are known for. What I want to highlight today is the variety of other services we provide.

Did you know we provide engineer support for our stockpile clients as well? We work with clients on mine planning, equipment repositioning, creating as-builts, and much more. Most importantly, we work with our clients to create the deliverable they need. If you need geospatial data to analyze changes or perform planning, Firmatek can help you with it. It’s not a canned deliverable or something you need to do yourself. Simply explain your needs to us, and our Engineering Team will work to with you to get you the information that you need. Speaking of our team, did you know our Vice President of Engineering, Caleb Cass, is a PE and we are a registered engineering firm in Texas?

Next, let’s talk about other industries we serve. Did you know we’ve been working with landfills to help them maximize density and airspace for over 10 years? While this is a newer service than our stockpile measurement, we’ve been serving the solid waste industry for longer than many drone companies have been in existence. We’ve developed a deliverable that provides landfill managers the information they need to make data driven decisions about their landfill operations. Check out more about our landfill capabilities and value add here and here.

Did you know we also provide underground mapping services? We’ve worked with clients to create unique deliverables for their underground mines and storage. Project Engineer, Seaver Hall, wrote about a unique project we did here.

Did you know we do work in the electrical utilities industry? We are working with electrical utility companies and coops to get them the information that they need on their assets. Sometimes we provide a comprehensive visual inspection, sometimes it is thermal or lidar data capture and analysis, and other times it is simple inventory of poles and what is on them. We have a large set of data capture and data analysis tools that allow us to tailor a solution to our clients’ needs.

Are you in another industry that needs geospatial data and analysis? Our innovative team loves to take on new challenges and find new ways to use our skill sets. We’ve even helped with the analysis of school grounds and road construction. When potential clients reach out with a problem they think might be helped by aerial data capture and analysis, our teams get to work on delivering a unique and valuable solution for them.

One thing that ties all these services beyond stockpile measurement together is our ability to work with our clients, to be their trusted advisors, and develop the deliverables they need. Then we can repeat this process again and again to make sure they have the data they need to make decisions. We tailor solutions to fit their needs.

About Lauren Elmore

Lauren is the Chief Executive Officer and part owner of Firmatek. She has a background in finance and law. Lauren is part of the investment team for Indiana based private equity firm, Elmore Companies. Lauren’s experience includes glendonTodd Capital, LLC where she worked on deals in the technology and real estate industries and as a Consulting Associate at Cambridge Associates, where she advised clients on asset allocation, manager selection, and spending.

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