As a Kespry client, you collect and analyze your data in Kespry Cloud. Kespry Cloud empowers you with the tools you need to improve operational decision-making and allows you to get your information when you need it. It allows for broader collaboration and increased visibility by allowing you to manage your sites remotely. Kespry Cloud is an industry leading software solution for the mining and aggregates and waste services industries.

So, how can Firmatek Services help you? Why do these two solutions, services + Kespry Cloud, work so well together? In this piece, we’ll explore a few scenarios where clients are finding great value in services + a Kespry Cloud subscription.

Annual Stockpile Measurements

One scenario where clients who have a Kespry Cloud subscription find value in using Firmatek Field Services is for year-end measurements. These year-end measurements often take place in a condensed timeline. Many companies also require a service company to provide these year-end measurements as a best practice.

Historically we’ve seen clients approach annual measurements in this way:

  • One to two measurements per year
  • Very expensive
  • Reports only
  • No visibility into “why” my numbers are off
  • Large year end variances
  • No remote access to data
  • Limited impact due to lag between capture and delivery

With Firmatek + Kespry Cloud you get:

  • Affordable
  • Frequent measurements
  • Lots of insights and visibility
  • Promotes vertical collaboration and collaboration between different segments of your business (i.e. operations and accounting)
  • Very low year end variances
  • Promotes better operational efficiency with real time actionable operational insights, allowing for real time adjustments to be made, and
  • More GIS data available than ever before.

Whether required by your company, or just under a time pressure to get everything done in time, companies are finding value in having the Firmatek team come out to their sites, collect the data, and process it. Then you can view it and analyze it in Kespry Cloud, just like your other measurements throughout the year.

Some of our clients were using two systems in the past. One for year-end measurements and one for their more frequent monthly or quarterly measurements. We’ve simplified this for them. All of your measurements and GIS data will be in one place, regardless of whether you collected and processed the data or the Firmatek team did it.

Special Projects or Equipment

Occasionally, you may have a one-off project that you need completed. Maybe it requires specialized equipment, like lidar. Or maybe you need a large area flown that would work better with a fixed wing drone. You now have access to Firmatek’s nationwide field team and expertise across a variety of data collection platforms from terrestrial or UAV lidar to eBees and M300s. When you use Firmatek for your special projects, all of your deliverables are housed in one place, Kespry Cloud.


Sometimes it can be hard to keep good people and good pilots. Having trained pilots at your site is critical to collecting your data. If you end up in a situation where you no longer have a pilot on site, Firmatek can take over the collection and processing for you until you can get another pilot in place. Your Kespry Cloud subscription stays in place, you just pay a service fee for Firmatek to come to your site when you need it.


Your Kespry Cloud subscription is a powerful tool to help you manage your operation or operations. Firmatek services can add to it by giving you more flexibility, more capacity, and enabling you to follow industry best practices. If you are interested in adding services to your current Kespry Cloud subscription email us at