Clients have been searching for years for the right solution that has all the software tools the team needs but doesn’t require the time or knowledge to do data collection. They have been looking for a solution that allows them to visualize data and interact with the sites from their desk without having to go to site and fly themselves. They have been looking for a solution with the flexibility to be able to fly when they want and analyze the data when they want as well. At a corporate level, clients have been looking for a supplier that can serve their entire organization with field services and the ability to gain insights and provide oversight across all their sites from the corporate office. Putting all these things together – this is a big endeavor. It will change the way the largest mining, aggregates, and solid waste companies operate. It will empower site, area, and corporate managers with the data and tools that they need to make the best operational decisions that they can.

It is here. The flexibility, the tools, the analytics, the controls you need.

Firmatek is working with the largest mining and solid waste companies in the country. Together, we are building enterprise programs that have all the options, the analytics and tools, and the services that these companies need. We have built a one-stop-shop enterprise solution.

Here’s what it looks like for one of our clients. This client has put drones in the hands of site and area managers so that they can do monthly inventories. They fly their sites and process the data on Kespry Cloud throughout the year. If they need a quick inventory check, they can easily do that whenever they need it. These monthly and as needed checks help them manage their inventory and operations throughout the year. They can do flights for engineering and mine planning related work throughout the year as well.

Once a year, or on an as needed basis, Firmatek field services team members go to the site and do the official annual inventory. Firmatek’s team collects and processes the data for them. They do this as a best practice for internal and external controls. They also do it because they need the data to be collected in a short period of time. Every site needs to be done within a small window, and they don’t have the capacity to fly and analyze all the data within that time frame. This combination of internal and Firmatek data collection and data processing gives the client the flexibility and controls they need to better manage their operations.

This is just what it looks like for one client. Firmatek now offers a full spectrum of solutions that you can mix and match across your organization to create something that fits your needs.