We at Firmatek are thrilled to announce the integration of the DJI’s newest commercial-grade mapping drone into the Kespry Solution: The Mavic 3 Enterprise. This new drone brings an incredible level of efficiency, accuracy, and reliability to the drone surveying process. DJI, a global leader in drone and aerial imaging technology, and Firmatek have enjoyed a longstanding partnership. Our companionship with DJI’s Phantom 4 RTK and Mavic 2 Pro has served us well, and we are thrilled to continue providing the best tool for the job with this new release.

The Mavic 3 Enterprise is equipped with advanced technologies, such as improved obstacle avoidance, a high-resolution 4K camera with a mechanical shutter, a new hybrid auto focus (AF) system for enhanced image quality, and an enhanced transmission system. This allows for longer flight times, more accurate data collection, and better visibility of the area being surveyed, all while reducing the risk of collisions and accidents.

The Mavic 3 Enterprise is also incredibly easy to use, making it ideal for professionals who need to survey large areas quickly and accurately. With its intuitive user interface and automated flight and data collection processes, the Mavic 3 Enterprise allows you to quickly acquire aerial insights with minimal effort.  Firmatek’s wide customer base in mining and aggregates, construction, solid waste management, and beyond can all benefit greatly from the M3E’s capabilities.

The Kespry Cloud solution can provide a seamless experience for data collection, processing, and analysis when integrated with the Mavic 3 Enterprise. This solution offers a cloud-based platform that streamlines the workflow and allows for quick data delivery to clients.

In summary, the integration of the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise drone with Firmatek’s Kespry Cloud solution offers a new level of efficiency for drone surveying. Its advanced features, combined with the Kespry solution’s streamlined workflow, can help clients make data-driven decisions and improve their operations.

Contact our team today if you would like to upgrade your drone to a Mavic 3 Enterprise.