We are excited to announce several enhancements to Kespry’s functionality. These enhancements were rolled out in mid-March, and many of you will start to notice these changes soon, if you haven’t already. These enhancements focus on two main areas: 1. Enabling BYOD and the next generation of drone technology, and 2. Creating a platform that supports all Firmatek clients from full service to DIY (traditional Kespry workflows) to all options in between.

First, for our customers that are already using Kespry, we’ve launched an enhanced data uploader. This tool enhancement enables a wide variety of BYOD (bring your own drone) solutions and supports the next generation of drone technology. We now support DJI’s Mavic 3 Enterprise, in addition to other drones that you may have in your asset portfolio. Reach out to our Sales Team (sales@firmatek.com) if you would like to upgrade to a Mavic 3.

Second, this enhanced feature enables customers who fly their own drone and want Firmatek’s internal processing team to do the analysis to use this new workflow. These customers can now upload, markup, and view their data and Firmatek performed analysis in Kespry. These customers use a hybrid model where they collect the data, but the internal Firmatek team provides the analysis. This is available to current complete Kespry solution customers as an add on service as well.

Finally, in addition to the uploader, we have revamped some of the functionality within Kespry to enable our entire customer base to have the benefits of Kespry Cloud. Regardless of how your data was collected and processed, results will be available in Kespry Cloud. This provides current Firmatek Services customers with an enhanced user experience and the ability to turn on software tools in the platform so that they can do some of their own analysis. Firmatek will provide official or locked reports for these customers, but if you buy the software package, you will be able to get access to the data and do your own analysis as well. For example, you can turn on the software tools and measure other piles, do cut-fill analysis, measure slopes, areas, elevations, or a variety of other things in the data.

These enhancements to Kespry Cloud provide our entire customer base with the best solutions in the mining and solid waste industries. With Firmatek, you don’t have to choose between great software or full-service solutions – we have both. The same industry leading service you have come to expect from Firmatek, paired with an industry leading software platform, Kespry.

To explore these enhancements check out the following YouTube tutorials:
Data Uploader

Kespry Cloud Overview

If you have further questions or want to explore software or services add on solutions, reach out to our Sales Team (sales@firmatek.com).