Firmatek has created a hybrid model of service, offering a mix of DIY and end to end (E2E) solutions. As part of our drone solutions program, clients fly the drones themselves while we process the data. Clients also have a full service option where Firmatek will both capture and process the data. Our software development roadmap takes the DIY solution one step further, allowing clients to analyze their own data if they want to.

At Firmatek, we tailor solutions for our clients. That is how we developed this hybrid approach. We work with our clients to find the best solution for them. We developed our current model based on feedback from our clients about what they want out of a drone program and where their pain points are. We don’t force a one-size-fits-all solution on our clients, but rather provide them exactly what they are looking for. If we don’t offer it currently, we work towards finding a solution for them. It’s one of the reasons we launched our software development department. Our clients are always looking for new tools and ways to visualize and analyze their data. We want to be able to react quickly to their needs.

A hybrid approach also gives clients the option to change their mind or adjust to their present needs without switching providers. We know that what works well right now, might not work well later. The needs of an operation, the capacity of the personnel, or the capability (e.g. FAA licensing) of the personnel may change.  Because we have a team of field staff and data processors, we can quickly and easily work with clients to change their plans as their needs change.

We developed our hybrid model because it filled a need for our clients. However, our hybrid approach also works well for Firmatek as a company. First, we are out in the field using our own technology on a daily basis. We have more opportunities to learn and test than we otherwise would. We operate, so we intimately know and understand the struggles our clients sometimes face. Second, our hybrid approach positions us well to be market leaders and flow with the market. We can change our service as our clients’ preferences change. Currently, a lot of clients are pushing for more DIY type solutions, but that might not always be the case. Maintaining our strong field and data processing capabilities allows us to continue to develop new offerings for clients, to offer clients what they are looking for today, and to adapt to market shifts.