If you use Firmatek’s field services, you know that preparation for inventory measurements goes best when you plan ahead. For example, make sure piles are clean and numbered, and the process will be smoother. When you use Firmatek’s Drone Solutions, you have a little bit more prep work ahead of you to make sure that your process goes as you hope it will.

Using Firmatek’s Drone Solutions allows you to fly your sites and then upload the data to Firmatek to be processed. This gives you the flexibility to capture data when you need it.

As you plan, keep these 3 tips in mind:

Know When You Need the Data Collected and the Results Delivered

What is most important to you and your team? We know that some companies and accountants require that the data be collected on the last day of the month. Others require that the results be delivered on the last day of the month. Make your plans for flying based on what is required. If you know you need your results by the end of the month, don’t plan to fly on the last day of the month.

Build in Extra Time

There are a number of things you need to plan for when you are scheduling to fly your sites for your inventories. Some of these are how long it will take you to get from site to site, how big your sites are, how long it will take to fly them, and whether you have internet connection, just to name a few. One thing is clear; there are a lot of variables outside of your control, such a weather and traffic. Be sure to build in extra time to account for the unexpected.

Check Your Equipment & Ground Control Early

A lot can happen in a month or a quarter on a site. Sometimes your GCPs get destroyed. Batteries lose their charge, and things get moved around in an office. A few days before you plan to start your flights, find all of your equipment (hopefully, it is all still in your kit). Check to make sure it is charged and in working order, and check with your plant managers or other site personnel to make sure that the GCPs are still in good condition. Making sure your equipment is ready to collect good data will set you up for success.

These tips will help you prepare to have a successful inventory season. There are details and planning involved in each, but the basics are there. Do the work ahead of time so that you have a smooth data collection process. We’ll take care of the rest and make sure you understand your numbers at the end.