At Firmatek,” Team First” is our number one value. It’s a driving force that’s ingrained in our culture through commitment, service, and self-sacrifice in pursuit of our mission. We seek opportunities to go the extra mile for our teammates, knowing our differences make us stronger. Our diverse experiences help us accomplish our goals.

Our people are everything and we believe we have the best and the brightest. We thought it would be interesting to put a few people in the spotlight as we showcase our diverse and talented team. First up – Steele Olsen, Drone Solutions Manager.

 “It was immediately apparent to me how powerful drone-based UAV platforms were for local data collection.”

Steele’s passion for working with drones started when he was in graduate school as he began to see the clear advantage over satellites. “Nothing can really compete with a drone when it comes to getting the data you want when you want it,” said Steele.

Upon finishing his masters degree, Steele sought a Geospatial Field Tech position at Firmatek. “Firmatek is well respected in the industry and the position fit my skillset. I also saw it as a great opportunity to grow professionally within the UAV and mapping space.”

“Boredom is foreign to me.”

Starting in the Field Tech role, Steele traveled around the country, noting that the freedom was refreshing. “The job took me to so many more places than I ever imagined. From California all the way up to the upper peninsula in Michigan, there’s nowhere you won’t go.”

He found the work at Firmatek exciting as he engaged with new technology and regular R&D. He learned the ins and outs of the industry and leveraged his drone experience to better serve Firmatek’s clients. “We’re constantly growing and improving our methodologies, striving for the best efficiencies,” said Steele.

Steele has since been promoted to Drone Solutions Manager, where he oversees all operational workflows supporting the Drone Solutions business. He acts as the subject matter expert for all drone-related matters at Firmatek.

A day in Steele’s life includes:

  • Communicating with clients and field techs providing technical support
  • Troubleshooting data issues, fixing photogrammetric problems, mission design and implementation
  • Helping with equipment management
  • Managing aspects of our R&D including improvement in client/internal data collection workflows, assisting in testing new tech, develop new SOPs to set our pilots and clients for success
  • Occasional field visits

As Firmatek grows, Steele hopes to play a role in designing and implementing new workflows and SOPs to provide quality products to clients in new industries, ensuring the company is using the best tech for the job.

“We have experts in geology, remote sensing, photogrammetry, conservation, geospatial intelligence – we have private pilots, published scientists, utility inspection professionals and so much more. If something can be volumetrically measured or inspected with a drone – we can find a solution for you.”

Steele’s optimism and commitment is what helps Firmatek deliver on our mission of giving companies who build the world supreme confidence. Steele embodies our Team First value and demonstrates what it means to ensure that we not only serve our clients, but that we support the needs of individuals on our team.

About Steele

Steele joined Firmatek in June of 2018 as a Geospatial Field Technician. In 2020, he was promoted to Drone Solutions Manager. Prior to joining Firmatek he was in graduate school at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He has a Master’s of Science and Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Geospatial Sciences. Steele enjoys learning about new technology and developing methodologies with new platforms to help clients make informed decisions in all industries Firmatek serves. He lives in the beautiful state of North Carolina where he loves hiking, fishing and walks on the beach and is also a talented drummer – a hobby he said he couldn’t live without! Connect with Steele on LinkedIn.

About Drone Solutions

Firmatek’s drone solutions make it easy for clients to turn site data into business intelligence. Our Drone Solutions team is equipped to assist in the areas of technical support, site-specific recommendations, and drone technology research and development. We work with our clients to determine the best tool for the job and implement solutions that meet their site needs. Learn more here.