By Justin Real, Geospatial Field Technician

Picture this, clouds rolling over the Spanish Peak mountain range with a cool breeze brushing your face. Not a single person in sight. Suddenly, a backup alarm from a front-end loader shocks you back to reality. That’s a common occurrence for a Firmatek Field Technician. Over the last two years with Firmatek, I have seen some gorgeous parts of the country. I’ve worked in places you would never think to find a mine, nestled deep in the mountains with a stunning view. So, imagine throwing your truck in four-wheel drive to traverse the land looking for a drone aerial target— that’s just a normal day in the life of a field technician.

What’s Your Why

My “why” is to do what I enjoy, but most of all to do it right!  Simple but to the point. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. Field Technicians travel a lot, surveying sites nationwide from city centers to the middle of nowhere. Traveling, seeing new mines, and conducting accurate stockpile inventories is something I enjoy doing and I have Firmatek to thank for that.

Aside from the site seeing, serving our clients is another satisfying part of the job. Our clients rely on the service Field Techs provide. If they have a difficult pile out in the middle of nowhere, we can scan it. We are problem solvers to our core. Sometimes getting to the piles can be a challenge and I’ve gotten my truck stuck more times than I can count. But at the end of the day, telling plant managers I got the job done despite the adverse terrain is always satisfying.

At Firmatek, we support our clients so they can make decisions that keep our world moving forward. Our “why” resonates with me at a personal level because every inventory we complete helps further the construction of another bridge or the maintenance of another highway, literally paving a path forward. It helps me connect to clients as well. When I visit a mine, I don’t just show up to scan and earn a paycheck. Our clients need the utmost accuracy to progress and grow, that in turn helps our communities and our world move forward. So, when I visit a site, I’m focused on providing quality service, from conducting an inventory to a sitewide orthophoto. Whatever they need, I can and will get it done. It’s rewarding knowing I may be just a cog but I’m a part of the machine that helps move the world forward.

About Justin Real

Justin joined Firmatek in June of 2018 as a Geospatial Field Technician. He graduated Texas State University, Manga Cum Laude, in 2017 with a degree in Geographical Information Studies and a certificate in Location Analysis. During his time at Firmatek, he’s been awarded two Team First honors, recognizing his dedication to our core value of teamwork.