Rogers Group’s Commitment to Technological Efficiency led them to Choose Firmatek Drone Solutions

Customer Profile: An Interview with Jared Nix, Director of Corporate Quality Control

Rogers Group Inc., is the 7th largest producer of crushed stone in the United States, according to the US Geological Survey. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Rogers Group has sites across the Midwest and Southern states.

Rogers Group  began using Firmatek for annual inventory measurements in 2017, and they have since rolled out an Enterprise Drone Solutions Program in partnership with Firmatek. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Jared Nix, Director of Corporate Quality Control, and talk about Rogers Group’s commitment to technological efficiency, the importance of inventory management, and their experience working with Firmatek.

Q: Why is inventory management critical for your business?

Just like with any commodity supplier, inventory balance and awareness is critical.  Keeping the correct balance of the correct products enables us to be a preferred supplier in our market areas. Our constant goal is to have the products our customers need when they need them.

Q: How did you manage your inventory before Firmatek?

Not as well as we should have.  Annual inventory combined with proper belt scale and loadout scale calibration kept us in the ballpark but most day to day decisions were based off visual inspection.

Q: Why did you choose Firmatek?

Internally we decided to improve our use and commitment to technological efficiency, initially focused in the inventory management sector.  Firmatek’s innovative, forward-thinking approach to technology complimented our own ideas.

Q: What makes the service you receive from Firmatek different?

It’s simple, fast, accurate, accommodating and most importantly “exhaustive.” Firmatek refuses to consider a project deliverable complete until we are completely satisfied with the end product.

Q: How do you anticipate technology continuing to impact your work?

I only see it increasing, and in some areas, exponentially.  The aggregate industry is constantly evolving, demanding more from technology. For example, the workforce is changing, demanding industry-wide innovation, and the speed of information availability is increasing, demanding more from technology.

Q: How has working with Firmatek changed how you do business?

Firmatek has given us a solution to many of the inventory management problems we faced thus allowing us to focus our time and effort in other areas.  This approach to technology has also improved our company’s innovative culture in all areas.

Q: Anything else you’d like to mention about drone technology?

We are excited about the opportunities drone technology brings regarding mine planning, construction, and even training. It should continue to be an important part of our business moving forward.