By Roger Sterry, President of Client Services

If you look up the definition of the word “standard” the first few meanings relate to a banner or flag that sits atop a big pole, most often in the military. It was the symbol of a regiment. In Roman times, each general had their own symbol, it was synonymous with them. They would tell their legions, “remember that you are under the standard.” In other words, the conduct and behavior of the each individual soldier was a direct reflection of the General himself, or the standard.

Firmatek also is proud to carry a standard. That standard is a commitment to accuracy, service, and excellence. We boast more experience than most others in the industry. We have dedicated ourselves to not only delivering a high level of accuracy and precision but also a level of customer service that is the industry’s “Gold Standard.”

We have been building our brand for almost 30 years. We still have personnel in our company who helped pioneer and blaze the trail for what today are common industry practices. As we have grown, and continue to grow, we are constantly bringing on talented individuals under our standard.

Each member of our team is trained and taught what it means to be part of Firmatek, what is required, and how to perform the job at hand. In addition, we put in place processes and procedures that make it easy for new employees to get up to speed and take up the standard. Firmatek has a set of Standard Operating Procedures that ensure that any individual on the team will produce repeatable results. With a large team that spans the country, we recognize the importance of standardizing across our team. We cannot have 15 people doing things 15 different ways. And we do not. Any one of our field or processing team that works on a site bears the Firmatek Standard, and we are confident they will deliver accurate and repeatable results.

We have clients that have been with us for decades and have seen the same familiar faces visit their location month after month year after year. While there is certainly something comforting abut a familiar face, we are continually adding new people to our team. Firmatek cannot always send the same person to an account every time we are scheduled to go to a site. Occasionally, a client asks us why we sent a new face out to a site or questions that new technicians capabilities. Our purpose is to give clients supreme confidence. We hope that our brand, our history, and our commitment to walking through data with them will give them that confidence, even when they see a new face.

You allowed to us to brag about our longevity and experience. And with that we can state that our clients have placed their upmost trust and confidence in us. Our pledge and our promise to you, is that we will would never knowingly do anything to break that trust or tarnish our standard. And if we make a mistake, we own it and work with you to fix it.

We hold each and every Firmatek team member to the highest standard, OUR STANDARD. The training and knowledge that we pour into each one is unparalleled. A client can be confident that whenever we reach your location, whether you see an old familiar face or you have the pleasure of meeting one of our specialists for the very first time, the Firmatek team member is under our standard. The excellence and expertise you have come to expect is represented by whoever happens to visit you that day.