By Lauren Elmore, Firmatek president

In our blog a couple of weeks ago, we talked about the value choice you have when choosing along the spectrum of full DIY solutions to full end-to-end solutions. Tied into that decision is whether you want an unlimited package or a solution tailored to your needs and requirements.

I think about it like I think about ordering from the menu or going up to the buffet. My grandfather absolutely loves breakfast. He will take full advantage of the unlimited amount of food on the buffet. I, on the other hand, am not a huge breakfast person. I don’t get the benefit of the buffet because I just want some oatmeal. There is oatmeal on the buffet, but I’m much better off paying only for what I want to eat.

Perhaps the analogy is a bit of a stretch, but it is similar to how I think about unlimited solutions versus a more tailored solution. Sometimes the unlimited solution makes sense from a value perspective. Other times, it is less expensive and a better fit to go with a tailored solution.

Is there a chance you are overpaying for an unlimited solution? The draw of “all you want” seems too great to turn down. Just like all-you-can-eat sounds awesome. But will you really eat $30 worth of breakfast food? Will you really fly your drone enough to justify the cost of an unlimited pacakge? Or would you be better off deciding what services you want and just paying for those specific ones? There are endless examples of how we make decisions about paying for an unlimited option versus an option of what we actually use. We make these decisions every day in our lives, from the breakfast buffet to the data packages on our phones.

Think About What You Need

When making the choice about an unlimited option versus a more tailored solution, it is helpful to spend some time evaluating your needs. Paying a set fee for as much as we could ever want is great when we use the product or service a lot. However, when we don’t use it often, or when we need a specific product that isn’t included in the unlimited offering, it is less appealing.

The allure of flying a drone whenever and as much you want for one set fee seems like a good solution. The drone is at your fingertips, you can obtain the information you are seeking at any given moment, and, let’s be honest, we love watching those things fly. And it may be the right value choice for you. But here’s the question: What do you actually need? If you evaluate your need and how you plan to use the data, perhaps having an unlimited package doesn’t quite make the fiscal sense as you originally thought.

Find a Solution That Works for You

When we hear the term “tailored” we think customized and expensive. When we are talking about drones and service it’s best to think of a tailored solution as one that delivers the things that are most valuable to you. Many clients have been surprised to learn that Firmatek can (and has) saved clients 5, 8, or even 12 thousand dollars with a tailored solution. We do this by identifying the needs and requirements for that particular client. For example, if you only want to do your inventories six times per year at one site, you can get a more cost-effective solution by getting a tailored solution.

When it comes to selecting a drone package that’s best for you, make sure the value of the package isn’t solely based on price or a promise of unlimited. As in all purchasing decisions, understand your needs, the use cases for the various options available to you, and the reality of how you will use the drone and data you receive from it. What is right for one operation is not best for all operations. Find the solution that makes sense for you.