We are excited to announce that Bryce Vascik’s thesis was recently published in AGU’s Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. It is the accumulation of 3 years of work on SE Alaskan landslides (primarily around Sitka, AK) and their contribution to the carbon cycle (i.e. how do landslides moving soil and trees have an impact on carbon storage at various spatial scales).

Bryce said this about the project: “This project in SE Alaska involved measuring the rate at which carbon, stored on mountain slopes in soil and vegetation, is transported into the valleys where it can be exported via rivers to the ocean to be stored for long periods of time. To measure transported carbon, mapped landslide polygons and modeled carbon rasters were used in GIS to measure how much carbon has been transported over the past 60 years. We modeled landslide deposition using tools within R, MATLAB, and Python to determine what happens to the carbon after it is transported by landslides. Working on this project helped me develop spatial data analysis skill sets that contribute to solving problems for our clients here at Firmatek.”

We are so proud of Bryce! He’s a huge asset to our team and the clients we serve.

If you want to check out his paper, you can read more about the work Bryce did here.