We are excited to announce that Firmatek has acquired Kespry’s drone-based aerial intelligence platform. The acquisition of Kespry’s mapping intelligence platform creates new market opportunities to deliver a vertical SaaS platform with Field-To-Finish automation for drone-based analytics. The transaction closed on October 22, 2021. The details of the transaction are not disclosed. Note that Firmatek did not acquire assets related to Kespry’s Insurance and Roofing Business.

At Firmatek, we believe that our customers’ ever-changing environment makes decision-making difficult, and we exist to provide them with the confidence and insights that they need to make better operational decisions. We have been serving the aggregates mining industry for over 30 years, and we now bring that expertise to the Kespry platform.

Kespry’s scalable Aerial Intelligence Solution accelerates the use of AI technologies and deep learning frameworks to analyze and process topographic analysis of mining/aggregate work sites, increase data accuracy, drastically improves site safety, and eliminate a number of potential risk factors. Combining Kespry’s cloud-based solution and intelligent data science models with Firmatek’s expertise, delivers faster data processing and industry standard analysis, and adds transparency to the decision-making process for customers. Kespry brings in a learning system with new capabilities that will enable Firmatek to invest additional resources to increase innovation in this space and expand our offering to other industries such as landfill and waste management.

“By combining Firmatek’s resources with Kespry’s expertise and leadership in AI-driven SaaS software, we can provide better outcomes for our customers. Together, we can continue to offer existing clients a higher level of service, deliver a greater depth of expertise, and become the only complete solutions provider in the market that can address every need for all our customers.,” said Lauren Elmore, Firmatek Chief Executive Officer. “Going forward, the expanded company will be able to leverage best practices, technology, and talent to deliver outstanding products and customer service.,” Elmore added.

“Kespry has always stayed on top of emerging technology to better serve its customers, especially as we have expanded our compatibility with any drone model so that more customers can benefit from our solutions,” said Krishnan Hariharan, Kespry’s Chief Executive Officer prior to the acquisition. “Now coupled with Firmatek’s 30+ years of experience in the mining industry, we increase our nationwide presence and with advanced data solutions, allows us to better serve our customers unique site needs more efficiently and economically.”

We believe that Firmatek and Kespry fit extremely well together, and over the years we have both been seeking to improve how our customers capture, analyze and share insights about their business. Together, we are empowering our clients with the suite of tools they need to make better operational decisions.


For more information please reach out to Firmatek’s CEO or Sales Team.

For Marketing or Comment on the Acquisition: Lauren Elmore (lauren.elmore@firmatek.com)

For questions about your current Kespry solution or adding the Kespry solution to your current Firmatek solution: Dustin Dudley (dustin.dudley@firmatek.com) Roger Sterry (roger.sterry@firmatek.com)