By Lauren Elmore, CEO

2020 was a challenging year for many, and Firmatek was no exception. We started the year with excitement for what was to come, capitalizing on new opportunities and growth. We quickly had to shift our focus. How can we continue to operate in this new environment? How can we provide our services to our clients in a way that keeps our employees and our clients safe? Our team came together to make sure that we could. The Operations Leadership Team came up with plans and worked closely with our field staff to make sure that they felt as safe as possible and encouraged them throughout the scary time. The field team was committed to getting the work done.When times got tough, everyone recognized their part in keeping the company alive and was willing to do it. That is one of the amazing things about small business. We are stronger for it.

We were also thrown a number of other challenges this year, including the unexpected loss of one of our long-time employees. Throughout all the challenges the team really stepped up to ensure that we could continue to serve our clients and exist as a company. In a year when so many small businesses have not made it, we are grateful to have come through this not only surviving but thriving.

We were able to continue serving our clients and developing our team. One of the most exciting stats that I see from 2020 has nothing to do with revenue, profit, number of drone flights or stockpiles measured. We had seven internal promotions this year. In a difficult year, we were still able to give people new opportunities to continue to grow with us as a company. Sometimes it can be hard to see the next step when you’re not in a big corporate world where it is clearly laid out for you. In 2020, we were able to create new roles for those who were ready to take on new responsibilities and continue to develop at Firmatek. It is so exciting to see, and as we continue to grow, I expect to see much more of this.

In addition, our sales team didn’t quit during the global pandemic but continued to make inroads with new clients. We are poised to have our biggest year ever in 2021. This past year, we entered the electrical utilities industry, serving our first clients in this important and large industry. We also expanded our reach in our core industries of mining and solid waste. The sales team set Firmatek up to have a fantastic 2021.

When looking back at a challenging year, it is easy to see all that went wrong. But it’s more important to look back and see how we grew and how it has prepared us for where we are going. 2020 gave us the chance to test new services, to bring people into new roles, and develop new procedures that will make us a stronger company in 2021. We are prepared to take on the challenges that 2021 throws us because of the work we did in 2020. And we know 2021 will throw us challenges. We think they’ll be the good kind. Like scaling up our teams and developing new systems and processes for new service offerings.

So, what are some things we are looking forward to in 2021? Developing our service offerings in Electrical Utilities and the partnerships that we are building in that industry. Continuing to build out our services in the solid waste industry. Launching many new features in Firmatek Cloud, including analysis tools for our clients to use. Developing our people through leadership training opportunities and new roles.

As we look back on 2020, there is a lot to be thankful for. But mostly, over here at Firmatek, we are really excited about the opportunities that are coming our way in 2021. We look forward to taking on the challenge and continuing to grow and improve as a company and organization.

About Lauren Elmore

Lauren is the Chief Executive Officer and part owner of Firmatek. She has a background in finance and law. Lauren is part of the investment team for Indiana based private equity firm, Elmore Companies. Her experience includes glendonTodd Capital, LLC where she worked on deals in the technology and real estate industries and as a Consulting Associate at Cambridge Associates, where she advised clients on asset allocation, manager selection, and spending.

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