By Lauren Elmore, CEO of Firmatek.

The new year always brings a sense of new beginnings, fresh starts, and new commitments. As we reflect on 2019, one of our biggest accomplishments as a company was launching Firmatek Cloud. We are excited to offer an improved customer experience, continue to innovate, and serve as trusted advisors to our clients.

So why should you start your new year with Firmatek Cloud? First, the new year is a great time to evaluate how you want to manage your operations. It’s a time for new ideas and new resolutions. What things can you do this year to improve the way your operation runs?

You can start by thinking about how you visualize your site data. Firmatek has been working with clients for over 30 years to help them manage their inventory and track their operations. Firmatek Cloud now delivers an improved way to visualize the information we’ve provided to our clients in the past. Whether we are collecting and processing data for them or they are using our drone solutions program, Firmatek Cloud provides new and improved ways to visualize data and collaborate with Firmatek and their colleagues.

You will manage your operation more effectively with improved data visualization and insights provided through Firmatek Cloud. Historically, our clients who have engaged with us to problem solve improve profitability with more frequent measurements and analysis. This is still a great way to gain a better understanding of your operation, and now, you can do this more easily with Firmatek Cloud. We’ll collaborate with you within Firmatek Cloud’s environment. And in addition to providing better ways to visualize and understand your data, we will work with you to improve workflows.

This is only the beginning. When we launched Firmatek Cloud, we knew we still had a long way to go in order to incorporate all the unique needs and workflows of our diverse clients. We are also committed to developing Firmatek Cloud in 2020.  We have many of the priorities we gathered from our clients coming within the next year. For example, while we already have a number of user permissions, we’re adding more granular user roles and permissions soon. There will be more customization available, including enhanced notification systems and workflows. In order to continue to make this the most cooperative tool available in the industry, we will be adding more collaboration features so that you can easily work with Firmatek staff and your colleagues to manage your operations more effectively.

New year, new opportunities. We want to hear from you too! Email us at to let us know what features are important to you.

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