This week, we continue our “What’s Your Why” series with our VP of Enterprise Solutions, Jeff Freund. As a company, we believe that our personal “why” helps us be our best and contribute to the Firmatek why as well. Our why is simple. We provide our clients with insights and confidence to help them improve their operational efficiencies. We support our clients so that they can make decisions that keep our world moving forward. Continue reading to learn how Jeff’s why intertwines with Firmatek’s purpose.

Jeff’s Why

When I think about what I love most about my job, it is really about helping and serving customers. I enjoy the challenge and opportunity to uniquely pair a product and service with a customer’s needs. I find a special connection in knowing that I have provided the technology-enabled approach for a better business outcome. My background in sales, technology, and architecture come together to help me live my why. It is not about personal or selfish development, but a genuine focus on economic growth and the customers I am serving. I enjoy using innovative technology to help customers grow their business, creativity, and careers. To know that my experience and consultation can help them grow gives me purpose.

In my role at Firmatek, I get to live my why and do a lot of the things I love. This comes through when I set up meaningful, interactive meetings. In these meetings, I engage with customers to understand their needs and help them see how our technology-enabled solutions help them achieve better business outcomes. When I meet with people, I add my caring, insightful, and impactful personality to my work, which gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Knowing my why and what I need to accomplish in my role gives me a sense of humility at the end of the day. It motivates me to keep pushing and pursuing the things I love.

Firmatek provides the platform to live my why and the chance to display my abilities. Within the framework of the purpose from Firmatek, I use my strengths to further the overall team goals. My belief in the purpose, and my alignment with it, allows me to better communicate with our customers and serve them. Knowing Firmatek’s why and my own helps me connect to our customers and our team. Leading customers into something that becomes more than just a financial solution, something that truly fits and solves their needs, has a greater impact for them and is more meaningful for me.

We build meaningful, long lasting relationships with our customers and business partners when we understand the opportunities our tech-enabled solutions and products provide. As we continue to focus on company purpose, it is important to understand how each one of us fits into that. Communicating the benefits of our solutions not only feeds into my “why”, but enables growth for our customers.