In the second post in our series “What’s Your Why,” Chief Drone Officer, Andrew Maximow, talks about his why. Find out what drives Andrew and how his why connects him to Firmatek’s purpose.

My Why

I believe that remote sensing technology, such as drones, is on the verge of transforming our understanding of the physical world around us in new and profound ways.  I thrive on learning and participating during the “early days” of this transformation, helping to shape and define its course and impact.  I exist to do what I love, and love what I do.

The biggest thrill for me is having our clients realize value from the insights and analytics produced by drones collecting data.  I love to evaluate new technology that creates new value for our customers.

Rarely does one get to see such a transformational technology, let alone work with in their job.  I literally can’t wait to “get to work” every morning! But none of this would be nearly as satisfying and fun if it wasn’t for the people at Firmatek enabling, creating, selling, mentoring, and executing as a team with a unified purpose.

When our people bring it all together, it is truly magical!  Everyone wins!

How my Why connects me to Firmatek

At Firmatek, I am able to be my best and fulfill my purpose through valuable contributions and learning new things at the same time.  Firmatek’s enabling culture allows me to do the research and experiment (within reason), thereby making more informed decisions.  That empowerment, flexibility, and trust within our team is super important with emerging technologies, such as drones.

There is so much cool tech in the drone space that it’s easy to get distracted.  One company simply can’t do it all.  As a service-led, technology-enabled company, Firmatek has to pause, follow, and let others take the lead on product and technology development.  The advantage is that I get to experiment with and evaluate a lot of cool stuff, as long as the results ultimately support Firmatek’s purpose.

Aligning Firmatek’s “why” with my personal “why” keeps me grounded and focused on priorities and objectives that meet the needs and requirements of our clients.  It is my, and indeed our, responsibility to work on things that deliver confidence and key insights that our clients use to make decisions that keep the world moving forward.

Knowing my why helps me optimize around my strengths and contributions in support of Firmatek’s purpose.  It drives me, it gives me energy and the desire to perform at my best! That is enormously satisfying.  After all, if I’m doing what I love, then I love what I do.

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