Firmatek acquired Kespry in late 2021. These two industry leaders coming together empowers our clients in the aggregate mining and solid waste industries with the tools they need to make better operational decisions. But what does this mean for Firmatek service clients? For Kespry Cloud clients? How do these two really work together? We’ll start this Firmatek + Kespry Cloud series off by learning a little bit more about what Kespry Cloud has to offer.

What is the Kespry Cloud?

The cloud is everywhere, and drone technology is no exception. Our Kespry Cloud platform has come a long way since Kespry was created back in 2013. It was created as a way to enable customers to store, analyze and get value from the data they were collecting with Kespry’s drones. It still does that. And, it does a lot more.

With Kespry Cloud, we can provide a drone data and analytics solution for market leaders in mining and aggregates and solid waste industries. Below are just some of the top features and benefits of Kespry Cloud, highlighting how applying innovative technology to age-old manual processes can significantly impact your business to save both time and money:

  • Automated Analysis: Once the drone data has been captured, it is uploaded to Kespry Cloud. Kespry automatically generates 2D and 3D models of the entire site ready for analysis.
  • Business Insights: Kespry Cloud can provide analytics and reports in minutes. Users can generate stockpile volumes, cut/fill analysis, and detailed topography across an entire site. This analysis can then be outputted to the system or process used to plan and manage that site.
  • Improved Communication: Kespry Cloud data is shareable with anyone, no matter where you’re working in the current climate of distributed workforces. Everything captured and analyzed can be electronically distributed to colleagues, which is especially important in this era of distributed workforces.
  • Security: Loose integrations and poor data management represent unacceptable risks to enterprise customers and the drone industry has had to adjust. Customers recognize the value of sending data to the cloud, but they require assurances that the data is secure. That security needs to be clear through every step of the workflow, and may have to be able to stand up to review from several stakeholders. Stakeholders can access, share, and export data from Kespry Cloud to where it’s most needed easily. An end-to-end intelligence platform ensures customers a secure transfer of data from acquisition to action.

Firmatek clients in the aggregates and mining and solid waste industries will gain some of the key features below when they add Kespry Cloud to the service offerings they already receive from Firmatek.

  • Generates 2D and 3D models of the entire site ready for analysis.
  • Generate stockpile volumes, cut/fill analysis, and detailed topography
  • Produces data that is up to 80% more accurate than manual measurement
  • Can capture data sets, with survey-grade accuracy, in as little as 30 minutes
  • Inventory management and custom reporting
  • Industry dashboards

With these features, clients can dig into the data and make better operational decisions. They can still have Firmatek come out and collect the data and do the initial analysis. Together, Firmatek and Kespry Cloud offer the only fully customizable solution to the industries we serve. These tools provide corporate officers with the ability to manage sites remotely and have more meaningful operations meetings across the company. Contact us at to get set up with Kespry Cloud.

How can Firmatek services enhance your use of Kespry Cloud? We’ll tackle this question in our next part in the Firmatek + Kespry Cloud series.