By Lauren Elmore, Chief Executive Officer

In the last five years, the industries we serve have been transformed by technology that enables increased amounts of data, easier access to information, and an ease of use that makes it accessible. From drones to software, these advances have changed the way our clients do business. We’ve changed with the technology and continued to adapt to the market, adding new services, and most recently our new software environment, Firmatek Cloud.

But unlike many who are providing technology to the mining, construction, solid waste, and utilities industries, we’ve been around for over 30 years. We have an established client base who has not only stuck with us, but has partnered with us to help us develop what we believe is a unique solution in the marketplace.

One of the most unique aspects of Firmatek Cloud is the ability to collaborate with the Firmatek team and your own colleagues through the comments within Firmatek Cloud. This allows accountants, site managers, engineers,  staff,  general managers, or any of your colleagues who have access to your operation to make comments or ask questions. You can collaborate and share in decision-making right within Firmatek Cloud. It is all trackable, so you have the history right there. There is no need to dig back through emails to figure out who made what decision or why.

Firmatek’s range of solutions gives you the flexibility to choose the right one that meets your needs and preferences. You can change your approach over time as your needs change and keep all your data in one place. This allows you to conduct trend and variation analyses over time at one site or many. We don’t require you to have our drones for the platform to work. We work with clients who use our Drone Solutions, our Field Services, or sometimes we just process data that they collected themselves. As a third party data processor, Firmatek Cloud and the Firmatek team are uniquely positioned to deliver truly independent analysis and results. Our users have the ability to edit information, but not volumes, ensuring compliance with accounting standards and requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley.

Finally, we worked with our clients to build Firmatek Cloud from the ground up, looking for the things that will add the most value and make the biggest impact on their operations. One important feature that Firmatek Cloud gives clients is the Material Library. This functionality gives our clients the ability to enter, edit, and store information about the different materials all in one place, thus ensuring the correct information is used across Firmatek and the clients’ teams. This is a feature that clients are excited about, especially at the accounting and corporate levels, as it will help maintain consistency and accuracy across operations.

Firmatek Cloud has many exciting updates coming in 2020. These enhancements will continue to enable our clients to make better decisions and improve their operations. Because we are building Firmatek Cloud with strong industry partnerships and experience, we will continue to add the features and enhancement that make Firmatek Cloud unique in the industry.