By Lauren Elmore, President of Firmatek

Why Firmatek Cloud? Why was this something that we invested our time, our money, and our resources in? It wasn’t just about an update to our client portal. It wasn’t just about coming up with creative ways to solve the biggest problems affecting our clients. It is those things, but that wasn’t the reasoning behind our efforts. Firmatek Cloud is a necessary part and evolution of Firmatek living our purpose and our values while ensuring our clients get the best solutions and tools available in the marketplace.

At Firmatek, we believe that our clients’ complex operational workflows and ever-changing physical environments make decision-making difficult. We exist to provide them with the data, insights, and confidence they need to make those decisions. Firmatek Cloud is a way for us to fulfill our purpose and serve our clients. It is a collaborative environment that delivers intuitive customizable solutions for our clients that enables them to make better decisions.

Secondly, the launch of Firmatek Cloud is in line with our company values. One of our core values is being a trusted advisor. In order to do that, we need to listen to our clients, get their feedback, and address it in the best way that we can. In building out this platform, we have collected a great deal of feedback from clients about what their needs are and how we can best serve them. All the feedback from users participating in the beta test is either from a current feature or is related to enhancements slated on our 2020 Roadmap.  We will continue to work with our clients throughout the launch and years to come as we develop this unique platform.

Finally, another one of Firmatek’s core values is innovation. We strive to be learners throughout our organization and to stay at the forefront of technology in our industry. Drones have changed a lot of things about the way we do business and serve our clients. With drones, there has been a wave of new software in addition to hardware. We are a services led and technology enabled company. Keeping up with the hardware and software that we need to serve our clients allows us to better serve our clients. Often, that involves evaluating and testing a lot of third-party hardware and software so that we can choose the best solution for our clients. While that is still the case, we have found that in some instances, we need to build it ourselves. That is what we have done with Firmatek Cloud. Firmatek Cloud was built to grow with the ever-changing industry, and we are here to ensure that our customers can benefit from that easily.

Where will we go from here? We have many features requested by clients that are on our roadmap. But this is more than about features. As we look to build out Firmatek Cloud into an environment that truly enables better decision-making for our clients, we will continue to work with our clients to create and optimize user-driven workflow solutions, create deliverables and new ways to visualize data that are clear and meaningful, and facilitate collaboration and communication both with our team and internally within our clients’ organizations. These are just a few of the guiding priorities that we believe make Firmatek Cloud a unique platform in the industries we serve and a new offering that is in line with our purpose and values at Firmatek.

We’re only getting started. Let us know how Firmatek Cloud can help serve your company, and your teams, by contacting us ( We are more than happy to take your feedback and suggestions.

Download our Firmatek Cloud brochure for more information.