Contributed by Firmatek CDO, Andrew Maximow

For decades Firmatek has maintained a strict compliance with Mining Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) safety standards, and as we deploy drones, compliance with FAA 14 CFR part-107. Our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Field Training have been developed based on these standards, however, we felt we needed to do more to drive acceptance and adoption. To truly “move the needle” on safety (reduce risk, accidents, injuries) its really about being safe and acting safely every day. It’s not enough to merely create policies, procedures, and documents. Safety needs to be embedded as part of a company’s DNA – a way of life that is part of a safety-first culture supported by all levels of management.

As such, Firmatek launched the G-DOGS, 5 Keys to Safety campaign, with input from all departments, addressing all aspects of our priorities, policies, procedures, and people. We analyzed our safety record, risks, and pitfalls to identify top 5 key priorities, coining the catchy G-DOGS acronym that could be easily memorized, repeated, and reinforced among all employees. Next, we defined each key priority by adding context, making it relevant to daily tasks and activities.

The final step, or rather an ongoing step, is getting the message out. We print posters, flyers, coffee mugs, add messaging to IT application splash screens, and plaster stickers everywhere throughout our offices, trucks, laptops, just to name a few.

How do we measure success? Metrics of course. Every week we publish the only metric that matters: number of days without an accident. Be safe everyone! G-DOGS!