Firmatek mentioned in Commercial UAV News.

Drones improve operational efficiency, team safety, and allow companies to better utilize their data by creating actionable insights.

One way construction organizations are implementing the use of drones throughout their operation is by developing internal drone programs. Generally, this may require extra man power. For example, factor in the need for engineers, Part 107 certified pilots, employees who can process the data captured by drones, etc.  This means the organization has to build a whole new set of competencies in order to implement a drone program. While that could be a good solution for some, for many hiring an outside service provider to fly the drone, process the data, and deliver the actionable insights is a valuable and more efficient option.

Firmatek’s Jeff Freund, VP of Enterprise Solutions, weighs in on companies implementing the use of drone programs or hiring consultants within their organizations.

“Some companies are interested in buying the hardware, buying the software, and building things out internally,” says Freund. “Other companies aren’t interested in taking that route and want to outsource everything or rent/lease the products. Companies can and should make whatever choice is best suited to them, but many are still trying to figure out the true value of having drones onsite. So a lot of companies are dabbling with the technology that way and having their own engineers and construction mangers become Part 107 certified internally.”

Whether you hire an outside consultant or implement your own drone program, drone technology is a valuable asset to the construction industry for organizations and their clients. Continue reading the full article here to learn more about establishing a drone program in the construction industry.